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Getting Kids in The Kitchen

We want the next generation to eat right, make wise choices, and develop a healthy love for food. There seems to be no better way to do this than to invite our kids into the kitchen with us from a young age.  Similar to my approach with them when it comes to fitness (encouraging them to play, choose their own activities, and playing along with them), cooking with the kids can be a fun, interactive, and engaging activity.  Not only does it teach them basic kitchen skills, they also learn about nutrition, creativity and even a little bit of math and science. Even more importantly, by allowing them to be involved in the food buying and preparation process, they begin...

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Staying on Track Over the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and it really is a beautiful time of year to spend with family and loved ones. I really love getting to connect with people I haven’t seen in a while, plus the kids are off school, so we tend to do a lot of hosting and visiting. And with the weather getting colder, we also spend many evenings curled up cozily in front of the TV or fireplace.

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