Medicine Ball Full Body Workout


As you many of you know, I like to change up my workouts quite a bit. I’m always looking for different types of equipment that I can incorporate in to my home workouts, with my clients and in my classes.

The Med Ball had been around for ages. In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates used them to help injured athletes gain back strength and mobility.

They come in many weight ranges, and can be used for lifting, throwing and balancing.

Here is a full body workout that uses just the medicine ball. This workout gets your heart rate up and works your legs, core, and arms, it also challenges your balance.

The weight of my Medicine Ball is 14lbs.

Medicine Ball Full Body Workout

  • Lunges with press up (do both sides)

  • Side slams

  • Plank Toes Taps

  • Plank Knee Tucks

  • Single Led Hip Raise (do both sides)

  • V-sit with twist

  • Reverse Lunge with MB flip (alternate legs)

Do each exercise for 20 reps (lunges and leg raises 10 reps each leg)

Complete 4 rounds ;)