Hello there and Welcome to TheFitNest. This space was created for YOU! A place to get inspired & motivated to live your healthiest life possible. Here at TheFitNest, I hope to give you the resources and tools to help you on your journey to a healthier You! From fitness to nutrition (and a whole lot more), this is a space for women and families to connect and share ideas in a fun & positive environment. 


My name is Zehra and I've been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. Coming from a Kinesiology and Health Sciences background and with many Certifications under my belt (Nutrition, Sports Strength & Conditioning, Pre & Post-Natal, BOSU, TWIST Conditioning) I have the knowledge and experience to help you live a healthier life and help you reach your fitness goals. I've been very lucky to have worked at some of the top Fitness Clubs in Canada and was recognized as one of the top trainers and Fitness Managers at GoodLife Fitness. Now I run various fitness classes in my community, I do private group training and train clients 1-on-1, both in person and online.

As much as I enjoyed seeing my clients reach and surpass their fitness goals and transform their bodies, my true passion lies in helping women feel strong and confident in their own skin. Empowering women to challenge themselves and push themselves past their limits! 

As a mom of two, I understand that life can be hectic!  It's sometimes difficult for families to get healthy and stay on track. I've created TheFitNest to give you the tools and motivation you need to make health and fitness a part of your daily routine ;)  From meal ideas to workout schedules to quick tips, you’ll find it all in TheFitNest!