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Shakshuka Recipe

I had this amazing dish at a restaurant for Brunch a few years back. It was so delicious I just had to recreate it!I played around with a few different recipes, and found one that had just enough spice but mild enough for the kids to enjoy as well. This is perfect for weekend breakfasts that turn into lunch ;)

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Egg Muffins Recipe

I love eggs. I mean really, I could eat them for breakfast any day, and I usually do! Gimme eggs any way, scrambled, sunny side and omelets are all my faves. But with busy mornings, and trying to get the kids ready and out the door for school, it’s not as easy to sit and enjoy my eggs in the am.  When I saw this recipe, it seemed like a great way to make breakfast ahead of time and make sure it was a hearty and nutritious one ;)

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Smoked Salmon and Dill on Rice Crackers

A light breakfast on the go. This one is super easy, no cooking required, just assemble and enjoy! As many of you know I love eggs for breakfast and will switch it up with a shake here and there. But sometimes you need to change it up. This smoked salmon breakfast is a great, fresh, light and refreshing breakfast that'll fill you up and give you good quality protein and fats that will fuel you for the rest of the morning.

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