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6 Stretches You Should Do In Bed To Energize The Rest Of Your Day

6 Stretches You Should Do In Bed To Energize The Rest Of Your Day Many of us start the New Year with plans to pretty much revamp our entire lives, and while it’s  great to have lofty goals for ourselves, sometimes it’s useful to start with making a few small and practical changes. You might think it doesn’t get any easier than stretching, but it does… how about stretching right from the comfort of your own bed??  :)  When your bed is as comfy as mine, you may just not want to get out. Some of you guys know that we have an Endy mattress, it's been almost a year since we purchased it. We decided to make the jump...

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5 Stretches you Should be doing

You guys know I'm all about those super tough workouts. From Boot Camp to CrossFit to HITT, there's few things I love more than putting my body through a gruelling workout and that awesome can't-sit-down-or-climb-stairs muscle soreness I feel the next day. But as great as those intense workouts are, it's just as important to stretch out those sore muscles after a workout. In fact, for most people who work out regularly, chances are that stretching is the most important thing they’re not doing. Not only does stretching help your muscles recover faster, it improves our balance and range of motion, not to mention lowers our risk of injury.   It’s important to practice ‘safe stretch’  :)  You don’t want to...

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