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Kettle Bell Workout

If you’re getting sick of the same workout with the same equipment, then this is the workout for you. Try switching your traditional dumbbells for some kettle bells! Why you ask? The kettlebell is a great way to build strength and work your core at the same time. Its uneven center-of-gravity forces your body to constantly adjust itself to maintain balance throughout the entire exercise.  It’s a great tool to help your body prepare for real life movements such as carrying your child or a suitcase. Also, its unique shape lets you carry momentum through exercises; think kettlebell swing. 

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Green Goddess Smoothie

Is it a juice or a smoothie? Well call it what you want but it's delicious and will leave you feeling full and energized! With juice and smoothie shops popping up all over the place, it's so tempting and convenient to just grab a drink and go, but those things aren't cheap, and can add up. Keep those glass containers and mason jars and fill them up with your own yummy homemade concoctions! 

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